Some Insight

2001 SpaceOdyssey, Jaws, Alien, Blade first, I fell in love with CINEMA!
PHOTOGRAPHY trained my eye to find my personal point of view and to appreciate the tremendous magic of light and lenses. RHYTHM got me next, so I played drums in a band for a few years and at the same time discovered the beauty of (excellent) advertising. To deliver a story, or feeling, within 30 seconds needs a good grip on rhythm.
There I went!

I put my money all in to shot a spec for greenpeace on 16mm Film, which opened doors to the Film Academy Baden–Wuerttemberg.
The art of photography, rhythm and sound; here all came together!
Non-linear editing systems such as Avid gave me the opportunity to create my very own style of work. After a period of assisting, I started to work as an editor at various post-houses like Arri-TV and Das Werk in Germany. I edited many music videos and had a winner with 
Salva Mea by Faithless.

I graduated from the academy as a director for commercials in 2000, and started my career as a professional director for television commercials.I shot low budget ads and music videos in the beginning, then worked my way up to high profile projects.
By now I have worked for international clients and advertising agencies in Europe, Asia, Africa, North- and South America, UAE, Russia, Ukraine as well as recent projects in New Zealand and China.

Curious? Give me a call, or drop a note!